The Story of Your Life

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Outer Banks, Nags Head Beach, NC at Dusk

     This past July 2013, our family spent a week in Nags Head, North Carolina in a beach front condo. It was our first vacation with our kids and grandchildren staying together in one location.

     We had a great time and the weather was fantastic, but as I was playing with my grand-kids on the beach, I wondered if my two year old grandson would remember anything from this week later in life.

     I say that because, I have tried to recall my first memory of being that age. If someone asked you to write the story of your life, where would you begin?

     What would you recall as the very first moment you could remember from your childhood?

     Would you have a memory of your family or a memorable place? Challenge yourself and come up with a starting point.

     My first memory is being in the snow, outside a house, that wasn't my home. I say snow now, because I only remember walking in something white, as a two or three year old. About thirteen years ago, I found out from my late Great Aunt, that the house was in Asheville, North Carolina and belonged to her and my Great Uncle. My family had made a winter time visit.

     If I was to ever write the story of my life, it would be from adulthood to childhood. I would like to remember my life as being a grandparent, parent and child, with an abundance of memories.

The image, taken from Jennette Pier, is looking toward south Nags Head Beach at dusk.


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