Riding the Carousel.........A Childhood Memory.

September 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Riding the Carousel!

     In mid-August 2013, I had the opportunity to photograph memories from my childhood.

    During the early morning hours, on a rainy day, I was given access to Fun Land, before the crowds poured into the building and took images of the rides I enjoyed as a child.

    It had been over twenty-five years, since we took our children to the rides and shortly our grandchildren will be old enough to ride also. Soon the circle will be complete.

     Three generations and counting. I hope I will be around to see any future great grandchildren enjoy the rides. To see all the rides and purchase keepsake or a memory of your own, please go to my gallery Childhood Memories, Fun Land Rehoboth Beach, DE

       P.S.  On Labor Day, 2013, we spent two hours at Fun Land with our grandchildren.....the time was priceless!





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