Happy New Year and a time for Feedback

January 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year To All My Visitors and a Time for Feedback.

     I started this website two and a half years ago with two goals in mind. Number one was to fulfill my passion for photography and display my work.

     My number two goal was to have a website that would allow fine art lovers to purchase an image with ease and security.

     Now I need your feedback on goal number two. I have just reached a milestone of over 3,900 visitors to my site, but I would like know how you feel about the ease of viewing and purchasing a photo?

     So please leave a comment to help me make this a better experience for you, when you visit and consider a purchase of an image. This will help me make a decision to continue this website, when it comes up for renewal later this year.

     Do you find the pricing to high? Did you consider a purchase, but did not want to give my photo lab your credit card number? Do you have a PayPal account or do not know what a PayPal account really is?  Did you find the galleries confusing to use?  Did you find that the images were not up to your standards or decorating taste? Did you know that you can email me, use a personal check to purchase an image and I will order for you? 

     Just like the fishing boat heading out to sea, I need some direction from you in the coming year. 

    Please leave a comment(s) by clicking on the comment button, under the headline at the top of this blog or use the guest book located on the opening slide show page. I will only see the comment and not your email address or name, unless you provide it for me.




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