Annie Darden(non-registered)
What a treat. Intriguing and relaxing. I need to stop by more often.
Sheila Wainwright(non-registered)
Gene, You have such a definable discernable difference in the way you show light and color. Thank you so much for your work.

Any chance you're interested in a show in Easton? I know quite a few artists and galleries around here. That may or may not interest you.

Great seeing you a couple weeks ago. Sheila
Annie Darden(non-registered)
Wow, Gene! Not only am I taken with your wit, charm, and creativity, but I find the quality of your pictures quite impressive. Thank you for sharing these. You need a wider audience!
Fran Moreno Photography
Dear Gene

When art comes from the heart, creates links between people that goes beyond the reality of this world as it lies in what we create together for a new Earth where light and love will be all. Thanks for your words and support, Fran.
Pat Sibert(non-registered)
I love your website, Gene. Great pictures, really nice music to go along with them. All the best to you, and to my old cafeteria buddy Anne!
Cj studios(non-registered)
Wow great work i love how you have a little magical touch in each photo. Great work
Vanessa Gonzales(non-registered)
Very beautiful photos; clean & crisp colors :)
Teresa Blades
Beautiful pics! Enjoyed our conversation, will keep in touch.
Janet Spengler-Miller(non-registered)
Gorgeous work, Gene.
Celeste Ellis(non-registered)
Absolutely LOVE your work!
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