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Photo by: Elizabeth Bleile at Phillies Citizen's Bank Park, Philadelphia. Pa. 2011

Life is a Journey, not a Destination

My name is Gene Bleile and I am a retired physical education teacher, highschool coach and elementary guidance counselor with a life long love of photography. Now I finally have time to fully explore and enjoy this great passion and start a new adventure in my life.

I inherited that passion, from my late father, who was an aerial combat photographer during World War II. He flew a P-38 "Lightning" fighter plane on numerous solo missions over enemy territory in North Africa, the island of Sicily and the boot of Italy, armed with black and white wing cameras instead of machine guns.

His job was to locate, fly over and photograph enemy airfields, gun emplacements, ammunition dumps, troop movements and warships (often while under attack from anti-aircraft guns). His photographs enabled the Allies to plan how and where to attack those targets.

His plane was hit by ground flak on one mission over the lower boot of Italy and on another occasion he was chased across the Mediterranean Sea by German Messerschmitt's, but made it safely back to his base in North Africa.
He was the first Allied pilot to photograph the Invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky) in 1943.

When I was growing up, Dad always had different types of cameras around the house and photography became a family tradition.

I like to look at potential images with an "outside the box" attitude.

I do not specialize in one subject, life is more than people or flowers or places.

I am intrigued by shadow, color, patterns and light and truly believe that every image has a "hidden photograph" that good cropping will discover.

So sit back relax, enjoy the music and my photographs. Take time to enjoy life!