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Golden Morning, Nags Head, NC

                      Sunrise on Nags Head Beach, North Carolina    June 2011


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Yesterday is History! Tomorrow is a Mystery! Today is a Gift, That's Why It's Called The Present!

     I have always wanted the avenue to combine my two passions: writing and photography and now I have begun a work in progress that will be a personal challenge in the coming years.

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New Stock Photo Gallery and Pricing !

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Estate PlanningEstate Planning Stock Photo Images Are Now Available For Personal Use !

   Any image on my website is available as a stock photo purchase, emailed in .jpeg format at a price of 1 (one) image for $15.00 and $25.00 for 1  (one) image with your text added.

    Your purchase is royalty free and can be used for personal use and/or business use, as often as needed.

    A sample of a business related stock image is shown, but for all current images by theme, check out the Stock Photo gallery in all my photos or the featured gallery.

   Email me at for ordering details and payment by check or Paypal account.


In the Autumn of the Years

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    In the Autumn of the Years

Darkness falls, another lonely night,

 I turn my collar to the wind,

 dodging rain soaked moonlight, 

regretting all those years.


Not knowing where you are, 

Not  knowing who you are,

 Could we have made it, my love,

reaching for the same bright star?


In the Autumn of my life,

holding back the tears,

regretting all those years,

walking alone, without you.

I turn my collar to the wind.


Like water rushing to the sea,

the years pass by,

not knowing, what could be.

I wonder where you are?


Holding back the tears,

regretting all those years.


Moments lost, chasing a dream, wishing on a star,

Not knowing who you are, Not knowing where you are.........

I turn my collar to the wind.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas 2016

From our

house to


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving       2016


Our Blessings to you and your family.............!    Anne and Gene 

Happy Halloween

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Have a safe


Happy Halloween!


Gene and Anne

Visit my Photo Show June 23-September 10th

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Visit My Photo Show

      If you are in the area, please visit my photo show, at the Seaford Museum from June 23rd to September 10th.


     I will have 110 images on display from my website, more than 75 will be in the HDR format.


     If you can't make the show, I am offering 20% off my website pricing by email with personal check and/or PayPal.

I will take care of cropping and color correction to relieve any anxiety.


Before ordering email me at:

Just finished my first book, entitled Lilliputian Satire Photo Album 1

April 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well it took a year, but I finally finished by photo satire book, entitled.............

Lilliputian Satire  Photo Album 1

This book is 60 pages of historical, literary,  U.S. and World politics, religious, musical, social, sports and baby boomer humor and satire.

It is based on Gulliver's Time Travels with a camera in the past, present and future, as he explores the land of Lilliput.

I am now starting the search for a publisher, so stay tuned.   If you happen to stumble onto this blog and you are a publishing company with a sense of humor, please contact me at:

Image 1  Front Cover

Image 2 Back Cover

Happy Easter to all our family and friends.

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Morning StarMorning Star Happy Easter



 To all our family and friends, I wish you happiness, love and peace, during this Easter season.

                                                   May God hold you in the palm of His Hand.

In 2030, the debate on global warming was over!

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     Paradise 2030
    In 2030, the debate on global warming was finally over and millions of non-believers from 2016, now had the task of explaining to their children and/or  grandchildren, why their earth was dying.

     In 2015, we had the second straight year of the warmest temperatures ever recorded, but people in power argued over, whether it was God's will or carbon emissions, that were to blame. 2016-2030 would break all records again and again.

     The sea levels were rising, slowly at first, but nobody seemed to have an air of urgency to admit their was a problem and try and correct our mistakes.

     By 2030, our planet's land mass was now gone by 10% and air quality was poor at best.

    In 2016 gasoline was cheap and car sales were great, but because the ozone layer had been disintegrating for decades, skin cancer deaths were on the rise. Each year a new record was set, but people took it in stride.

    In 2016, people fought against solar farms and wind turbines, because they were eye sores and nobody wanted to sit on the beach and see a wind turbine out at sea.  "Science was wrong," they claimed.  "This is God's will," many preached, while clean air and water became precious commodities.

    In 2016, category five hurricanes, intense blizzards, record breaking floods and increased number of tornado's were headline news, but no one dared link them to global warming.

    Because of our world leaders inability, to actually lead the cause to save the earth, no one stepped up, forgot about being re-elected and made a stand to ring the alarm bell, before it was to late.

     So now in 2030, when storms are catastrophic, crops are failing, the air is polluted and clean water is worth more than gold.............hug your kids and/or grand kids and tell them you are sorry, that their earth is dying.


Happy New Year 2016

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Happy New Year 2016


I am posting my favorite  image of 2015.

Taken in September, on a two week trip to Cornwall, England, this stone house is located on the Roseland Peninsula.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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                                     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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