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How Do You Eat An Elephant?

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Gentle Giant For kids of all ages......

*How Do You Eat An Elephant?

I will tell you how; one bite at a time, 

     just like you eat a cow!

 How do you eat an elephant?    

Very slow indeed; because if you eat to fast,

     you really won't succeed!

So next time you have a

 job that seems to big for you; break it up into

     little bites, that makes it easier to do!



 *This applies to adults and especially time you are over whelmed with a monumental task, break down the work load into manageable stages and  take "one bite at a time." Then put the pieces together like a puzzle and you will eventually see the entire picture and complete your task. Don't stress over the task at hand! Life is to short!

       My elementary guidance classes taught me that symbolism is a great attention "grabber" to get your point across to children that are over whelmed with home work, special projects or just learning to dribble and shoot a basketball. So next time a child you know is over whelmed with a task, simply ask ......"How Do You Eat an Elephant," and proceed to a successful completion of the task.


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