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Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?

May 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

East End Lighthouse, Lewes, Delaware Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?

     When I was a young child, I idolized my Dad, baseball players and cowboys in that order. Now that I am in my senior years, my Dad is gone, athletes in many sports cheat or use drugs to enhance performance and most of my cowboy heroes are gone also.

     So I ask again, Where Have All Our Heroes Gone? Why haven't we had a replenishment of role models with high morals, high standards and a willingness to win and not cheat to gain fame and glory. Who are the role models of today?

     I know we have military heroes (except for a few Generals, who can't be true to their wives), but the kids of today need more than military role models to look up to and admire.

    Where are today's Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Brooks Robinson or Robin Roberts? All gentlemen, who did not use drugs and played for the love of the game.

    Where are today's Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Cheyenne and Paladin? Who only drew their guns in self-defense and righted wrongs on Saturday mornings. They were strong role models that believed that doing the right thing was the only thing that mattered. (And don't forget Davey Crockett, who always said, "be sure you are right, than go ahead")

         Just like a lighthouse that shines it's beacon of hope for refuge, I hope that we can return to a time of exceptional role models for today's kids and give them a refuge from the storm of a 21st century life. 



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