Gene Bleile Photography | Katie Couric, A Beautiful Sunset And A Tribute To Women!

Katie Couric, A Beautiful Sunset And A Tribute To Women!

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Katie Couric, A Beautiful Sunset and a Tribute to Women!

Jockey's Ridge State Park, Nags Head, NC      In mid-May, I had the pleasure of attending a dinner, celebrating the 2013 Women Day Honorees. It was presented by the Delaware Technical Community College and the Owens Campus Alumni Association and highlighted the careers of three outstanding women, who had over come numerous obstacles to arrive at the pinnacle of success.   

     My wife and I were guests of a long time friend, that was being honored and after each introduction, I was in awe of each recipient and the journey they traveled to their ultimate goal.   One was a single mom for many years, working and going to college part-time, while another was a cancer survivor, but all three shared one common trait...............determination to succeed in spite of all odds against them.

    As a child, I grew up in a traditional time, where dad worked and mom stayed home to raise the kids and be a home maker.That seemed natural to me, as I grew up in the 50's and 60's. As a teacher, for almost 30 years, I saw women teach for equal pay, advance with a Master's or Doctorate degree and achieve equal success to men teachers, but it wasn't until our hostess reminded the audience that it took almost 100 years of struggle for women to achieve the right to vote in 1920, did "the penny fall into the slot." 

    In my defense, outside of "my childhood and teaching world," a new struggle for equality and success has been raging for the last 93 years and even though I knew this was happening, I didn't give it much thought, because I was married to a teacher and my daughter was also a teacher...........they were both successful and equal to any male achievement in education.

    Fast forward to June 1, 2013. My wife and I attended my nephews's graduation ceremony at Randolph- Macon College, located in Ashland, Va. We were excited to hear Katie Couric give the commencement  address and once again I was in awe of her personal struggle to achieve success in broadcasting.  She spoke of numerous failures in her early career, some due to her inexperience, others due to the unwritten male doctrine, "that are no broads in broadcasting."

    She spoke of an eighth grade teacher and mentor, who gave her the love of journalism and today remains a life long friend. She recounted how life can turn on a dime, when her husband died of colon cancer and she was a widow with two young girls to raise and a career to maintain. Through it all, she shared the same trait as the three honorees at the Women's Day Celebration......determination to succeed against all odds.

    In her closing remarks, she reminded everyone of "the finite amount of time we have on earth," to always make time for family and friends and to enjoy little things in life, "such as a beautiful sunset."

      So to all those hard working women, who never give up or give in to failure and succeed against all odds, I offer you a sunset to remind you to enjoy family, friends and success.


             *The Image of the sunset was taken atop Jockey's Ridge at Nags Head, North Carolina in June 2012.  




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