Gene Bleile Photography | Gators, Golf Balls and Bermuda Grass

Gators, Golf Balls and Bermuda Grass

October 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


    Gators, Golf Balls and Bermuda Grass

      I made my first and possibly last, "low land" southern golf trip near the end of September and ended up at a local course in Pawley's Island, South Carolina. To say the least, it was interesting and frustrating at the same time. 

    First of all, located near the ponds around the golf course are signs which read, "Don't feed the gators!" Second of all, I lost five golf balls in five different ponds, located near five narrow greens and third, the fairways were Bermuda grass or what I like to call.........wire grass. 

    Target golf has never been my strong suit and hitting off wire grass, which can twist your club on any shot, can be a real adventure. When your approach shot is 150 yards over a marsh or pond, to a postage stamp sized green, with no room to work.....disaster lurks.

    If you are lucky enough to reach any green in regulation, then the fun really begins. Their are no flat surfaces, only dips, slopes and fast "grass" to help you three putt. 

    It was quite a round and to add injury to insult, it began to rain on the eighteenth fairway, which I thought was a fitting end to a fitting day.

    Good thing the wedding I attended later that afternoon, brought me back to reality. So the moral of this story could be........gators, golf balls and wire grass don't mix!    I guess I will always be a " dry, flat land" golfer.

 *The photo was taken at a gator farm, near the golf course. Look at the gator behind the egret's neck and you will see the same size gator, which lives in the pond near the eighteenth green. It is rumored that gators think people taste like chicken.

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