Gene Bleile Photography | A Reflection on the Battle of Gettysburg...Three Days of Hell on Earth.

A Reflection on the Battle of Gettysburg...Three Days of Hell on Earth.

November 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

      Dusk at Cemetery Ridge

     I recently made my first trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and finally visited the battle field sites, which I studied in high school and college history class, fifty years ago.

    I was in awe of the immense size and scope of the total area, in which numerous attacks by the Confederate soldiers on Union positions were repelled, July 1-3, 1863.

     There were two battle sites in particular, which made me very emotional, the first was the Devi's Den and the second is pictured at dusk on Cemetery Ridge.

     In three days of fighting at Gettysburg, over 50,000 men were killed and wounded, in the major turning point in the Civil War.

     As I stood on the boulders at the Devil's Den, I had a strange feeling that I had been there before. Later that evening, when I took the image of Union Major General Alexander Webb's statue facing Pickett's Charge field of death, I was over whelmed again by the same feeling.

     Now in a Hollywood science fiction movie, I might have been a reincarnated union or confederate solider, but that was not the case. I felt like I had been a photographer, who recorded images after the battle, so mankind would not forget the horror of our great Civil War.

     I don't believe in reincarnation...........but the feeling was real, none the less.  Maybe a visit to Gettysburg, the week before Halloween, was a bad time to make the trip. It was and still is a haunting feeling. 


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