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I Hope You Follow Up After This Blog!

February 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It Caught Me by Surprise!

To all my friends and to those strangers that happen upon this story.

      There won't be any image to accompany this blog. I am not going to try to entice you to buy a print with a beautiful sunset or nautical setting, but to make you aware of a hidden danger and condition that caught me by surprise.

     On a whim, and I stress whim, I asked my wife to make me an appointment at her dermatologist's office the next time she had an annual appointment. After years of life guarding, going to the beach, playing golf and not wearing adequate sunscreen, I still thought I would breeze through the exam.

     There was no real concern, on my part, but what I thought would be a "routine" exam turned out to become a three week treatment for precancerous lesions. As I write this blog, the special "cream" is attacking those precancerous lesions and those potential cancerous areas feel like a combination of a bad sunburn and poison ivy.

     Yes, it is irritating to go through the treatment, but I don't want to think about the alternative!

     If you take anything away from this blog, then rethink your attitude about skin cancer, the next time you look in the mirror. The potential areas can be no bigger than a pin head and what you "can't" see can hurt you.

     The potential cancer cells are not restricted to your face, but anywhere you get sun, so if in doubt, or for peace of mind, make an appointment and have a dermatologist give you an exam.

      It doesn't matter what age you are............ skin cancer knows no difference between young or old and is one of the easiest forms to cure, when detected in its early stage.



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