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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

June 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A Story of Sadness and Hidden Emotions!

     In May of 2013, we hired a two man remodeling business to do some extensive work at our home. The co-owners of the company,  who I will call Jim and John, both spent the better part of a month working their magic with hammers, saws and paint brushes to give us a finished product, which my wife and I really enjoy.

     Over the course of time, we got to know both men, who were not related, but seemed like they could be brothers. Both were craftsmen at their trade and worked together like a "well oiled machine."

     Both were also personable with a great sense of humor and they often talked about their family life and their devotion to God. John and I talked about his love of Little League baseball, coaching and umpiring and helping kids "grow up." He seemed at peace with life.   

     When the work was completed, we parted as friends, as well as business customers, with a promise of more work to come in the future years. We had found not only two dedicated master craftsmen, but two new friends.   

    In May of 2014, my wife and I referred Jim and John to a close friend, who wanted to have some remodeling done at her home. A few weeks later, when we inquired about a starting date for the work to begin, our friend told us, that John had taken his life and the work was on hold.

    My wife and I were in shock. How could that be true! John gave the outward appearance of a man in love with life. After hearing the whole story from Jim, I understood John's secret emotional and physical battle with alcohol, which he kept hidden. I said a prayer for him and his family and also for Jim. 

   So I will ask, plead and beg anyone, who reads this blog and has hidden emotional trouble, severe depression or fights a battle with drugs or alcohol to please find someone to talk to and work your way back home. Learn to enjoy life, not take your life.

Rest in peace John, if only I had known, you needed to talk about more than Little League.



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