Gene Bleile Photography | Never Pass Up A Beautiful Sunset

Never Pass Up A Beautiful Sunset

August 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Never Pass Up A Beautiful Sunset

     On a warm spring evening, the sun had slipped below the horizon, as the day was nearing an end.

     Standing with only my wife on the dock at Solomon's Island, Maryland, with no else  in sight, I had to stop and admire nature's light show.

     Peace, harmony with nature and a dead calm, as the mariner's like to say, was almost to good to believe.

     The boats appeared to be painted on the water, with each mast, reaching for the sky.

     It was an evening to be remembered, but I only shot two images, then stopped to admire the last rays of the sun. 

     These two shots were all I wanted, all I needed, to satisfy my mind's eye for  color, composition and shadow detail.

Peace is a valuable, rare commodity, in today's existence, so I stood quietly and enjoyed every moment.


Shot in the latest technique, called HDR (High Dynamic Range with enhanced detail and color), these fine art images are available in my slide show gallery and my Southern Maryland gallery.

So please stop by those galleries, hit the slide show button, enjoy the music and relax at day's end.



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