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The Power of Friendship!

February 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

     This is a short story about a friend, a cold, rainy day, winter swans and a little bit of luck.

      I was watching TV, late in January, when the phone rang. I was snug on the sofa, with coffee, feet propped up and probably about to doze off, but I picked up the phone and said hello.

    A close friend said, "you have to see the swans in a field, just off Neal's School road. Get your camera and take some shots", he insisted.   

     "Not today, it is late afternoon, I don't want to shoot photos in the rain and the light is terrible," I explained.

   The truth was I was not in the mood to put on my socks and shoes, find my coat, leave my warm family room and chase down swans sitting in corn field stubble. I said, "thanks for calling, but I am in for the evening.

 " Ok", he said, "but you might miss a great shot," then we hung up.

      After about fifteen minutes, I put on my socks, shoes, coat and hat and drove to the corn field. I tried to shoot, standing in the muddy field, in the rain and wind and gave up. The swans were at least 100 yards away and I wished I had stayed home.

    Then something special happened. More swans began arriving, so I grabbed my camera again and started shooting images from my car window, while they landed in groups of eight to ten.

    The image in this blog is now one of my top five favorites, which I have in my portfolio, of over 1800 images.

       So thank you Tony, for the power of friendship and finding my next photograph, even though I wanted to stay warm and snug on the sofa.

     This photo can be seen on my home page slide show.




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