Gene Bleile Photography | In 2030, the debate on global warming was over!

In 2030, the debate on global warming was over!

February 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

     Paradise 2030
    In 2030, the debate on global warming was finally over and millions of non-believers from 2016, now had the task of explaining to their children and/or  grandchildren, why their earth was dying.

     In 2015, we had the second straight year of the warmest temperatures ever recorded, but people in power argued over, whether it was God's will or carbon emissions, that were to blame. 2016-2030 would break all records again and again.

     The sea levels were rising, slowly at first, but nobody seemed to have an air of urgency to admit their was a problem and try and correct our mistakes.

     By 2030, our planet's land mass was now gone by 10% and air quality was poor at best.

    In 2016 gasoline was cheap and car sales were great, but because the ozone layer had been disintegrating for decades, skin cancer deaths were on the rise. Each year a new record was set, but people took it in stride.

    In 2016, people fought against solar farms and wind turbines, because they were eye sores and nobody wanted to sit on the beach and see a wind turbine out at sea.  "Science was wrong," they claimed.  "This is God's will," many preached, while clean air and water became precious commodities.

    In 2016, category five hurricanes, intense blizzards, record breaking floods and increased number of tornado's were headline news, but no one dared link them to global warming.

    Because of our world leaders inability, to actually lead the cause to save the earth, no one stepped up, forgot about being re-elected and made a stand to ring the alarm bell, before it was to late.

     So now in 2030, when storms are catastrophic, crops are failing, the air is polluted and clean water is worth more than gold.............hug your kids and/or grand kids and tell them you are sorry, that their earth is dying.



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